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Thank You

Christina and AJ

My Hoodie Project started as a way to connect families through genetic genealogy (DNA plus old-fashioned pound-the-pavement research). I absolutely believe there is a unique and fascinating story out there for all of us to discover. What I love doing the most is helping people find out what makes them, them.

I am proud and humbled by the support so many of you have given me. I knew Hoodie was something special, but recent momentum has been more than I could have imagined.

I'd like to thank Adrian Jones (AJ), who allowed me to share in the search for his biological family. If you haven’t heard his story already, trust me, you want to. He is passionate about speaking up for adoptees and helping others understand complex issues around the issue. I’m thrilled he’s partnered with Hoodie as an adoptee advocate. You can read his blogs on the new and improved Hoodie site.


Did you happen to notice our amazing new logo? An enormous thank you to Richardson Clark Design for designing exactly what I wanted and likely didn't articulate well. They listened to the story of Hoodie and my vision of simplicity. If you are ever in need of branding or logo work, I can't recommend them enough. They are incredibly talented and professional! Thank you again Gretchen and Clark.



I’d also like to introduce Jodi Klugman-Rabb, a Marin and Napa County Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in (a term she coined herself) Parental Identity Discovery. Jodi started as a Hoodie client and is now committed to helping others in these unique situations. Combining her professional expertise with her personal experience is a resources I plan to take full advantage of. She is available for office visits in Marin and Napa County as well as remotely by phone.

Contact Jodi Klugman-Raab


Finally, My Hoodie Project is pushing to new frontiers. We believe we can shine a light on the many facets of family discovery through various digital media platforms. With that, AJ and I began filming this week. We were honored to work with John Baker, a talented Marin Cinematographer with an impressive resume in the industry. You’ve likely seen his work already, or will soon. John is a true artist, as you can see. The footage so far is unbelievable. I can’t wait to share it.

Contact John Baker

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