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What started out as an ordinary day, turned into something so much more. On 8/15/16, as I was driving home from work, I got a call from my mother. She asked me if I was sitting down and proceeded to tell me that I had another sister, a half sister that shared the same father. I then found out my brother had sent in a DNA test and was then connected with her. I was so excited. My only disappointment was that she had not found us sooner.

Then, for Christmas, my brother gave me a DNA test, so I could trace my ancestry. On 3/24/17 I got an email telling me my results were in. I opened the email and was in for a major surprise! After 51 years, I found out "my father" was not really my biological father after all. Here is where all the mixed emotions took over. I was crushed to learn my newfound sister was really not my biological half sister. I was so angry at my mother for not telling me. I had been misled my whole life. I felt lost and confused. For days, my mind constantly wandered. What is my father's name? What does he look like? How many other siblings do I have? Will I ever get the answers to these questions?

I tried looking a little on my own, but came up with nothing and felt it was hopeless. Then, just recently, I came in contact with someone who knows a lot about DNA and I felt hopeful. In the beginning I was scared, but now I am feeling anxious about finding my paternal family and look forward to that day I can make my own reunion video.

Here is the video of our guest blogger meeting her sister for the first time. They will always be sisters.

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