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One of my favorite parts of #hoodie is meeting clients. Leading up is a long process that includes phone calls, hundreds of texts and emails, Facebook messages, you name it. Meeting in person is rare, but so rewarding for me.

I am honored and thankful to an amazing woman who found me all the way from Belgium. YK and her two brothers were desperate for more information about their mother, who they had last seen in the mid-1950's. One morning she dropped them off at Cheney House, a children's home located in the Surrey County town of Weybridge. They never saw her again.

Fast forward (more like slow forward) to June of 2017. YK's sister-in-law worked tirelessly over the years to help them and found me.

During our first FaceTime meeting, we discovered that YK lives very close to me in the United States. She actually lives just ten miles south of me in Marin County, California. YK was visiting her brother's in Belgium and London when they found me online. You'll hear more of her story in the next few weeks but wanted to share a picture from our first meeting. Yesterday, we met at the Mill Valley women's cooperative workspace, The Hivery.

She is a powerful and strong woman, someone you want to have your back and on your team.

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