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I am always amazed how completely unique each #Hoodieproject can be. Different expectations, hopes, and dreams. During the search for her father, one of my favorite clients (SL) mentioned always wanting a big brother. Understandable. No father, brothers or grandfathers in the picture. None.

Here is our text exchange a year later:

Thick as thieves.

This picture says so much about their relationship. I am always impressed when a biological family member immediately acknowledges these new relationships. No questions asked. It doesn't always turn out that way, as you can imagine.

Additionally, SL has connected and enjoys spending time with two "new" sisters. Connecting this family has been tremendously rewarding for me, both personally and professionally. I am immensely grateful and thankful to have shared in this reunion.

Thank you Bill for having that big heart. I have endless respect for you.

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