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I have always loved history, science, and research.  While I did begin a career in wealth management, it ended with my extended maternity leave.  During that time, I continued researching my unique and unconventional upbringing through Ancestry and other genealogical resources.  What I learned helped me understand where I came from, and the circumstances of my childhood and family dynamics. I decided to help others do the same, and created what is now "My Hoodie Project".  My passion became consulting with individuals and families who wanted to research their lineage and family history.  As DNA testing became more prevalent in research,  I was hooked!   Currently, I am focused on adoptee/ paternity/ sibling searches as well as identifying the unknown history of ancestors.  I am married with three children and live in beautiful Marin County, California.



​I was adopted at 19 days old by a wonderful, loving family. Over the next few decades, I would wonder about my genetic past although I never considered searching for my birth parents.  As fate would have it, my interest in doing a search changed when I suffered a major heart attack. This frightening episode prompted me to begin my quest to understand both my past and the genetics that make me who I am. What I found changed my life forever.  I learned so much about humanity, love, and family.  I am now committed to and passionate about sharing my experiences with adoptees or others seeking information about their biological truth.   An avid skier, I live in Marin County, California with my wife, two children and furry four-legged friend Minxie.  You can find us walking Minxie on fire trails throughout the area.


Jodi Klugman-Rabb is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in the Non-Paternity Event community.  Jodi has personal experience with NPE and has coined a new phrase, referring to it as Parental Identity Discovery.  Jodi met Christina when she hired My Hoodie Project to find her biological father, embarking on an emotional experience she was unprepared for and had precious few people to draw support from who could understand.


Jodi’s training in trauma therapy using EMDR uniquely prepares her for the grief and identity confusion that come with the territory of misled, falsified parentage or adoptions.  She can also be helpful navigating the harmful and unsupportive responses family and friends use.

Discovering that a parent(s) is not who you thought them to be can be a sudden, overwhelming and disorienting experience.  Jodi can help better than anyone. 


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