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Christina Bryan is a genetic and family investigator who is an expert at finding lost relatives. She often helps adopted or donor-conceived clients identify and connect with their biological families. She also helps individuals conclusively confirm or deny paternity.

After experimenting with a consumer DNA test kit in 2014, Christina began to study the application of autosomal DNA to her own family tree. It wasn’t long before she was using her knowledge and skills to help people find unknown family members and gain a deeper understanding of their ancestry.

Christina’s expertise has been relied upon by law enforcement, government agencies, and the media. She leaves no stone unturned: her meticulous and highly-organized investigation style synthesizes DNA evidence, public records, and electronic research. She also relies upon intuition, curiosity, and picking up the phone.

Christina has guided hundreds of clients through every step of a thoughtful, deliberate process. She understands the necessity of maintaining strict confidentiality, and during what can be a uniquely stressful time, Christina is a comforting and empathetic presence. Her clients praise her for helping them navigate the emotional challenges that can arise when family members are reunited.

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