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Christina Bryan is a Northern California-based genetic and family investigator. She is adept in a range of investigation styles and often takes on confidential projects to find people and information others cannot. Christina’s particular expertise, though, is in helping adopted or donor-conceived clients find and connect with their biological families or interpret paternity. She is recognized in her field for her intuition and her unrivaled drive to dig for answers.


During what is often a particularly stressful time for clients in crisis, Christina offers humor and a comforting presence, assuring confidentiality, sharing stories of her own past successes, and emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance, regardless of the outcome.


Christina excels at taking on complex cases for high-profile clients and conducting international and historical research. She is frequently called on by attorneys, law enforcement, and the media for her expert advice and rare perspective.


After dabbling with a consumer DNA test kit in 2014, Christina began to study the application of autosomal DNA (DNA from numbered chromosomes, as opposed to sex chromosomes) to her own family tree. It wasn’t long before she was using her craft to help people find unknown family members and gain a deeper understanding of their ancestry. Confident she’d found her calling, Christina officially founded her business in 2016.


No client information is sold or shared. Photos and videos on this site or its socials are approved for use by and Christina Bryan only.
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